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Ramblings of a total Zack girl

Lu (Not Your Average Retelling)
4 November 1985
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Elucreh, Lu.

Fanatical fangirl, originally mainly an HP nut but now most obsessed with the Avengers, with a big heaping helping of Teen Wolf and Hockey RPS, and a little Big Time Rush on the side. In the Avengers I ship everyone with everyone, but if Natasha, Phil, and Pepper are not acknowledged to be the awesomest I will cut you. (Also I have a soft spot for snarky, snarky Tony Stark. But he is not the best.) Derek/Stiles has all the found family and possessiveness that I adore, and Skinner/Staal preys on my very deepest narrative weaknesses. As far as BTR goes, I'm a Logangirl, for ever and ever and ever, and I adore Katie, Kelly, and Mrs. Knight with all my heart and soul. I'm also fathoms deep in love with Greta Salpeter/Morgan. ^_^

Favorite book series is Discworld, although my favorite tiny book fandom is Korman. I keep up with Rizzoli and Isles, the Good Wife, Shameless, Parks and Rec, Community, Leverage, Vampire Diaries, Fringe, Warehouse 13, Revenge, and White Collar; How I Met Your Mother, Big Bang Theory, and Castle are on probation. Eureka probably would be but it'll be off the air soon anyway. (Why are you character assassinating Jo, Eureka? Why? Just so I won't miss you?)

Writer of fanfic, shipper of many ships, occasional meta-poster, decent beta, sometime roleplayer. Constant, far-too-organised reccer.

Hufflepuff Prefect of the Successful Insurrectionist Hogwarts; Lupin fangirl, Snape fanatic, Molly incarnate, Luna channeler.

Past shipper of the McShep and the SGA OT4, Panic at the Disco in almost any combination or incarnation, used to be a J-Squared girl before the show got so bad.

IRL? Preschool teacher, Human Rights supporter, reclusive but loyal friend, support guru. I dabble in poetry and have recently been trying out slam and general open mics.

I have little patience for intolerants, lots for obsessives. I like wit, humourous attitudes toward life, and randomness. I'm snarksexual, I tend to be attracted to middle-aged people, and those who wear glasses have a head start with me.

This is my space, and I say what I choose...if I offend you, let me know how and I may or may not do it again, depending on whether I feel I was right in doing so. I frequently friend random people whose journals I find amusing; I do not automatically friend back because I don't keep track of that list. On the other hand, unless I know you personally, I probably won't notice if you defriend me.

I am, in case you're checking, over age.

Marriage is love.

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